Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kumail Nanjiani’s trainer reveals intense workout regime behind his transformation


Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiani’s personal trainer spilled details about his body transformation and shared what went behind the big buff. 

The 41-year-old actor revealed his epic body transformation for Marvel’s The Eternals role earlier this week.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, his trainer Grant Roberts commended the actor and shared the entire process of achieving the impressive result.

“Kumail walked through my doors in January, and he was pretty green to the idea of training. He had a concept in his mind, but we introduced him to something more dramatic and even traumatic,” he said.

“There’s no one dimension to success. You’re constantly shocking the system, and that’s how growth and change occurs. The time in the gym is very intense, even if you’re training an hour or an hour and 15 minutes per day. The rest of the time outside the gym is just as important,” he added.

He shared that Kumail Nanjiani trained for an average of four to five days every week: “We had a significant time period, close to a year,” he said to get him in shape for The Eternals.

“We sent him away in peak physical condition, but he’s had to maintain that. I give him kudos for being able to do that, especially when he was working,” he said.

Grant has worked with the likes of Scott Eastwood, Eva Longoria, Zachary Levi and Hillary Swank.


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