Sunday, July 3, 2022

Kuwait imposes heavy fines on hanging laundry in balconies


KUWAIT: The government in Kuwait City has issued a new order prohibiting its citizens to dry clothes by hanging them on their balconies. This initiative has been taken to maintain the city’s aesthetical beauty, reported by the Arab Times on Monday.

The Capital’s Law enforcement has established an Emergency team which has started an inspection campaign to warn the residents of Apartments not to violate the newly imposed law the report said.

Appointed head of the Emergency team, Zeid Al-Enezi, said that the team has put stickers on the doors of such apartments whose owners have violated the law, warning them that next time they will be charged with heavy fines ranging from KD 100 to KD 300.

Up till now, 12 apartment residents have been issued a warning that they would have to pay fine should they violate the law again, Al-Enezi added.

Al-Enezi further stated that the team in future will carry out campaigns in collaboration with the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait, which is in charge of dealing with visual pollution.


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