Tuesday, June 28, 2022

More than 10 loose hundreds of thousands in first of its kind bank fraud in Lahore


LAHORE: Over 10 citizens of Lahore were deprived of their money in a day owing to online bank fraud on Tuesday, ARY NEWS reported quoting the affectees.

According to details, bank fraud occurred with over 10 customers of the same bank in a day in Lahore city.

A woman while sharing the details as to how she came to know regarding the fraud, said that she was at home early on Tuesday morning when she received a message from the bank regarding a withdrawal of Rs 100,000 from her account.

“Minutes later another message of a Rs 100,000 withdrawal was conveyed from the helpline number,” the woman said adding that she rushed to the bank, where she witnessed that several other people were complaining regarding the similar fraud.

An elderly man also complained that a withdrawal of Rs 350,000 was made from his ATM card without his knowledge. “We have conveyed our complaint to the concerned bank for redressal.”

In a similar case, a deputy inspector general of police’s (DIG) wife was deprived of Rs1 million from her bank account on January 07.

As per the details, the DIG’s wife was deprived of her money deposited in her bank account in Lahore. Describing the details of the fraud, sources privy to the matter said that the fraudsters got issued a cell phone SIM after producing a fake death certificate of the woman. The SIM was issued to a woman, Neha.

After getting the SIM, the hackers received all the banking information of the wife of the police officers and withdrew Rs1 million through the banking app.

Acting on her complaint, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) launched a probe into the bank fraud and arrested a suspect from Faisalabad. The suspect was identified as Arsalan.

The sources said that the FIA was conducting raids to arrest the main suspect, Saif and his accomplice Neha.


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