Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lahore Fort’s entrance gate collapses after heavy rain


LAHORE: The main entrance gate of historical Shahi Qila also knows as Lahore fort collapsed on Tuesday as a result of heavy rains which lashed various parts of the metropolis, ARY News reported.

According to details, the continuous rain and accumulated rainwater in Lahore has damaged the entrance and small gate of the historical Shahi Qila fort.

It must be noted that Lahore Fort was enlisted among the world heritage sites in 1981 by UNESCO.

One of the oldest and biggest walls painted with thousands of paintings from the ‘Mughal Era’ is found in Lahore, Shahi Qila.

This amazing structure is commonly known as ‘the picture wall’ had been in tatters due to lack of attention and no renovation efforts in the past.

The wall had been hidden away from prying eyes due to it’s detrimental state and fungus infestation for years but not anymore.

The current portion that has been revealed measures 350 ft in length and 50 ft in height.

The total surface area of this Mughal architectural mastery is a flabbergasting 8,000 square yards. Nearly 1,500 feet in length and some 50 feet in height, (450 x 15 metres) this mosaic excellence holds the distinction for being the largest mural in the world.

The humongous structure encompasses Great not only the formal geometric and floral designs associated with traditional Islamic Art, but also detailed naturalistic images of imperial attendants engaged in various activities. Frequently portrayed are combatants armed with the traditional sword and shield.

Akbar had the outer walls of the old Lahore Fort massively fortified to enclose an area of some 30 acres. In this space are the pavilions, palaces, courtyards and gardens commenced by Akbar, continued by Jahangir and completed by Shah Jahan.


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