Thursday, June 30, 2022

Model Town man, wife found stabbed to death with throats slit


LAHORE: In a mysterious and horrific double homicide incident on Monday in the Kot Lakhpat area of Punjab’s capital, a husband and a wife were murdered with their throats slit open with multiple stabs, ARY News reported.

Both the deceased man and his wife were found with their throats cut open, police said, while the CCPO of Lahore Ghulam Muhammad Dogar has taken the notice of this reprehensible crime incident.

The Superintendent of Police from Model Town has been asked to furnish a report on the incident by Lahore CCPO Dogar and is being instructed to launch a search with the help of the evidence trail from the scene.

It may be noted that according to the available details on the incident, no sign of perpetrators and suspects has been established till now while the case has been booked by the police as the probe continues.

READ: Father, children die of electrocution in Lahore while trying to save each other

Separately today from the city, in a shocking incident, two children and their father died of electrocution in Lahore’s Ravi Road while trying to save each other.

According to police, eight-year-old Gohar became the first victim after he was electrocuted while trying to take off clothes from an iron rod.

“11-year-old Faiza, his sister, then tried to save Gohar, however, she also got electrocuted,” the police said adding that the father of the victims also tried to rescue both the children and got electrocuted.


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