Sunday, September 19, 2021

Lahore protest: 'Maryam crushed mobsters to save her life'


According to details, dozens of protesters at Ferozepur Road had surrounded a vehicle and were smashing it with batons. Some brave cops headed towards the rioters attempting to ensure their writ.

One of the policemen also fired shots in air resulting in the dispersal of enraged mobsters.

The cops took out the frightened lady named Maryam Safdar – a school teacher – and ran her along with them to save her life.

Had the cops not intervened timely, then the woman was feared to be treated in the same manner like her vehicle.

Maryam later in her statement told that she was stuck at Ferozepur Road, where mobsters were causing vandalism in the name of protest.

She reversed the car to escape any untoward incident injuring some of the people, out of which one later succumbed to his wounds.

Maryam Safdar added that some mobsters also tried to grope her during the episode.

The lady was taken into police custody after being successfully recovered from the site.

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