Monday, June 27, 2022

Lahore rally to be a ‘warm-up’ for Raiwind match, says Imran


Talking to media here, Khan said that according to the Panama leaks, Nawaz Sharif and his family has committed four crimes: corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, and concealment of assets.

He announced his decision to restore all wings of the party in order to mount pressure on the government.

The PTI chief strongly criticized the prime minister saying that he was touring the country and inaugurating projects of which the ground breaking has already been performed thrice in the past. He said the move would prove to be futile as the time had come for Premier Sharif to speak the truth and the answer the people.

With regard to Panama Papers disclosures, he said even the Sharif family was giving contradictory statements about the ownership of their Mayfair apartments and questioned where the money came for it, adding, “PM’s daughter has denied the ownership, while one of his sons accepted and another claimed to have rented it.”

“This is the first time that people were demanding accountability of someone in power,” Imran said, promising to compel Nawaz Sharif to explain where the money for his children’s offshore firms came from, and how it went out of the country, and the taxes paid in this respect.

He lamented that corruption makes the structure of the society hollow and that there comes no development and investment in a country with massive corruption.

He said: The government is unable to raise enough money to run affairs of the country and is repeatedly acquiring huge loans from abroad.

The skipper also said that people who consumed poisonous sweets in Layyah died due to non-availability of health facilities.

The only concern of the prime minister is to construct roads, regardless of the misery of children in the country, Khan said, but seeks his own treatment at hospitals abroad.

Subjecting the Orange Line Metro Train project to criticism, he said that it was not meant to facilitate the people of Lahore, but for receiving kickbacks, which again would be siphoned off to offshore accounts.

He also slammed government’s massive advertising campaign to defend the PM on taxpayers’ expense.

Moreover, the PTI chairman apologized for the mistreatment of women during the Islamabad rally. He said they have secured photographs of the culprits and soon they would be thrown behind the bars.



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