Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lahore wildlife authorities sell Safari Zoo lions on minimal rate  


LAHORE: Wildlife authorities in Lahore are found to be involved in selling 14 lions present in the Safari Zoo at a minimal price, Rs150,000 each, a price even less than the rate of a cow, ARY NEWS reported on Saturday.

According to details, it emerged that the wildlife officials sold 14 lions present in the Safari Zoo at Rs 2.1 million, receiving around Rs150,000 for each of the big cats.

The sources said that the authorities recovered a minimal amount as compared to the open market rates where a big cat is worth between Rs3,500,000 to Rs4,000,000.

“Not only that the authorities sold out the lions at a minimal rate, but they also purchased new lions with a cost between Rs8,500,000 to 10,000,000,” they said clearly highlighting the discrepancy.

When ARY NEWS approached the DG Wildlife of Lahore for his comments on the matter, he refused to give his version on the matter.

It is pertinent to mention here that issues relating to Lahore wildlife authorities and Safari Zoo have popped up in the recent past and on January 19, Punjab Minister for Fisheries and Wildlife Samsam Bukhari, took serious notice of the four missing female black deer from Lahore’s Safari Park Zoo and summoned a report from the authorities.

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The wildlife minister directed the director and deputy director of Lahore’s Safari Zoo to complete the inquiry and submit a report in the next couple of days.

He also ordered Zoo officials to take measures for the recovery of four black deer.

Three days back it was reported four female black deer were stolen from the Safari Park Zoo in Lahore’s Raiwind.

According to the park’s wildlife supervisor, Rizwan Munir, the crime took place on the night of January 10. An FIR registered at the Raiwind city police station has also been registered which states that there were five people on duty the night the crime took place.


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