Thursday, July 29, 2021

Man relieves stress by diving into lake for straight 365th day


CHICAGO: When the global pandemic confined the people globally inside their homes, it was natural for them to seek things to pass their time with as well as relax against all the stress that had become predominant.

For a man named Dan O’Conor, a bus driver professionally, it was to take a dive in the mammoth Lake Michigan for an entire year.

Hailing from Chicago, O’Conor dashed to Montrose Harbor, which is on the north promenade of the lake, and took a plunge into it just to relieve himself of all the stress he felt because of the pandemic.

He did it regularly without a single skip for an entire year and jumped in the lake on Saturday for the 365th time.

The ‘Great Lake Jumper,’ not only wanted to get away from problems because of COVID-19 but other issues as well that happened in the country. One such incident that distressed him is the murder of George Floyd that marked protests around the country and the all-important Presidential Election.

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“It was during the pandemic. It was during the protest, it was during an election year… So it was somewhere where I could come down here and block all that noise and kind of be totally present with me in the lake and find some zen,” he told the Associated Press.

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