Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Lal Masjid cleric gives Govt “two weeks” to fulfil demands


This happened after he threatened to take out a rally on Friday from Jamia Hafsa to Lal Masjid and to lead Friday prayers there.

In response, the local administration negotiated with him and told him to not take out the rally and that his demands would be presented to the higher authorities. They also sought a period of one month, and in return the Maulana gave them two weeks, after which rallies would be held all over the country. The administration then agreed to this


One of the main demands that he has made is the recovering of his son-in-law who has been missing since June 2014. Maulana Aziz has also demanded that a ban on his movement be lifted and that no barriers be placed in his campaign to enforce Sharia in Pakistan. Yet another demand by him is that an FIR registered against him last year be quashed and that his police security be restored.

On November 13, Maulana Aziz resumed his campaign to enforce Sharia and gave a sermon at Lal Masjid.


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