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Legendary Nisar Bazmi’s 89th birth anniversary marked today


Legend music composer and director Nisar Bazmi’s 89thbirth anniversary is being observed today.

Nisar Bazmi was a composer and music director of Pakistan film industry. Bazmi remained one of the most famous musicians of South Asia. He also introduced new singers like Alamgir. However, he is primarily remembered for his compositions in the voice of playback singer Ahmed Rushdi.

He did not belong to an artistic family. Hence he possessed no prior musical background. Prominent Indian musician of Bombay, Khan Saheb Aman Ali Khan was convinced by Nisar Bazmi’s musical interest and taught him music.

Equipped with artistic know-how, young Nisar Bazmi, who was just 13 at the time, quickly mastered the various ragas, the musical instruments. In 1939, the “All India Radio” hired him as an artist. In 1944, he composed some songs for a drama, “Nadir Shah Durrani”, which was broadcast from the Bombay Radio Station.

Bazmi composed music for film “Jamana Paar”, which was released in 1946 in India. He composed the music for forty films. Twenty eight films were released during his stay in India. The rest of the movies were released in India after he immigrated to Pakistan.

His first song in Pakistan was “Mohabbat mei tere” (singers, Ahmed Rushdi, Noor Jahan) for the 1964 film “Aisa bhi hota hai”. He also composed many songs for Runa Laila, Ahmed Rushdi, Mehdi Hassan, Faisal Nadeem, Khursheed Nurali (Sheerazi), and Saleem Shahzaad.

He had trained many of the modern composers. He also introduced some magnificent new singers like Alamgir.

Nisar Bazmi received many Awards for his achievements. Bazmi died on March 22, 2007 in Karachi.


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