Sunday, May 22, 2022

Legendary Singer Abida Perveen gets award in UAE


Pakistani sufi singing maestro Sufi Abida Parveen received an ‘Ambassador’s Recognition Award’ in a glittery ceremony in Dubai which was attended by overseas Pakistani and Indians. The award was presented to her by Pakistani Ambassador in UAE Javed Malik.

Abida Parveen is the only name that comes to your mind when it comes to Sufi singing, the lady has promoted sufi music across the globe by her unique style and expertise in this specific genre. It will not be wrong if we say she is the only woman who has set a niche for sufi singing, she has given life to the sufi poetry through her charismatic voice.

The event was organized to recognize the legendary singer’s remarkable efforts to promote this specific gene around the world.

While honoring the legendary Abida Perveen, Javed Malik said “With her melodiously beautiful singing she has brought sufi lyrics to life. As Pakistanis, we feel proud to see Abida Parveen acclaiming international fame for herself and our country, and therefore we present her this special award”.

The talented lady also received standing ovation from the audience for her mesmerizing voice.


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