Let’s Talk: can IMF loan save calamity-hit Pakistan?

Cataclysmic floods push Pakistan back by decades in terms of development, infrastructure and economic stability.

While IMF approves remainder of loan which Pakistan desperately needed to evade default, the by and large deluged country looks at aids and support to rehabilitate 33 million affected people and its one-third inundated land.

Will there be officially-taken and sustainable steps to:

1) not only provide ration-bags, tents for makeshift relief, but to rehabilitate survivors whose houses, livelihoods and sustenance have been directly impacted,

2) reconstruct roads & bridges that connect communities, &

3) Make sure no epidemics and infectious diseases breakout from deluged areas as endemic in stagnant waters,

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4) make global north recompense for crimes committed against humanity & climate whose brunt is borne by Pakistan or will world organizations will keep on pattering and beating around the bush.

We discuss women’s health and sanitation issues, & government’s malpractices, too.