Sunday, September 26, 2021

Crowd charges at police in Liaquatabad after cleric found guilty of defying lockdown directives


KARACHI: Liaquatabad area of the metropolis became the sight for unwarranted commotion on Friday when defiant congregations for prayers were held, ARY News reported.

According to details, the Friday prayer congregation was held in the vicinity of Liaquatabad against the directives of government Sindh which has strictly prohibited all such activities due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Sindh is undergoing a strict lockdown in line with the social distancing and isolation regulations foretold to save the society from the spread of the deadly pathogen which has wreaked havoc globally.

The local police tasked to stop any such social activity that brought people together and increased the possibility of the virus spreading further got to the location and met swift opposition from the worshipers.

Hundreds of worshipers came to the defence of the mosques head cleric (Pesh Imam) when the police tried detaining him for defying clear government orders.

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The cleric made a ruckus calling the worshipers attention towards himself, mayhem ensued afterwards when hundreds of worshipers charged towards the police in defence of the cleric.

Things quietened down after a while and the cleric along with some of his cronies was detained by the police.

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