Monday, June 27, 2022

Lightning strikes palm tree despite clear blue sky above


Dashcam footage captured a rare sunny-sky lightning bolt hitting a palm tree in the suburb of Tampa, Florida. The video has been going viral on Twitter.

Jonathan Moore captured the video of the bolt from the blue on his Thinkware dashcam. He explained that the lightning was unexpected, especially considering the fact that the skies were sunny and the nearest thunderstorm was eight miles away from his home at the time.

The video captures a sudden sound of thunder before a flash of lightning strikes a tree top and tears through the foliage.

The bolt, which seemed to literally come out of the blue, is known by meteorologists as a “blue bolt,”. Such bolts of lightning can often be found within miles of thunderstorm clouds. So they blink away until they reach the ground.

This isn’t the only lightning video that has gone viral on social media this week.

A tourist named Austin Coppock captured the frightening moment a bolt of lightning struck the famous theme park ‘Walt Disney World’. The strike was accompanied by a resonating ‘boom’ sound that could be heard in the furthest of places as well.


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