Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WATCH: Eerie lights flying in formation raise UFO fears


Village residents in south-west Ukraine were baffled and left fearing an alien invasion when strange lights appeared in the sky.

The bizarre spots raised UFO suspicions among locals in the village of Novogradovka in Odessa Oblast in south-western Ukraine.

Seven lights appeared in the sky, seemingly in the shape of an airplane, staying in one formation as if linked.

One social media user likened the flying shapes to a “variation of the Starfleet insignia” used in the Star Trek TV shows and films.

The footage of the eerie incident was posted online by Ivan Rusev, who claimed that the objects appeared “out of the blue” at a “significant height” and stayed visible for around 12-15 minutes.

It has since been reported the lights were targets for Ukrainian marines to train with, though there were no details released about what they were made of.

However, some can be seen in the clip dropping from the sky as if hit.

An army spokesman came out to assure residents there was no reason for any concern. The lights were in fact targets used by Ukrainian Marines during a military drill.

This did not convince social media users who lined up to share their views.

“Those UFOs came to claim what it theirs,” commented Odesitk while another user named ‘Iorka 76’ added: “Those usually appear when something is about to happen.”

Another onlooker ‘Aleksander Nikitinskiy’ added: “This looks like a formation of large fireballs at high altitude. The question is why do those appear now? What triggers those and why we did not see those before?”

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