Thursday, August 11, 2022

Horrific Video: Seven-inch live fish gets stuck in man’s throat


In a shocking incident, a seven-inch live fish slipped and got lodged in a man’s throat when he was trying to catch another one while holding the first catch in his mouth in Colombia’ Pivijay town.

According to the details, a 24-year-old man was fishing at a lake in the municipality of Pivijay on 23 January when the accident happened.

After he managed to reel in a fish, he grabbed it with his hands and then threw the line back in the water. But at that point, a second fish bit his line.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people.

He still had the first catch in his hand and was using his other hand to reel in the second fish. As he didn’t want to lose the new catch, he decided to put the first catch in his mouth while reeling the line.

Unfortunately, the first catch didn’t react the way the fisherman wanted. It moved rapidly to free itself and ended up getting lodged in the throat.

Following the incident, the man rushed to the hospital but was unable to explain his problem as he couldn’t speak properly, Times Now News reported.

Doctors ran a quick scan and began the process of removing the fish.

In a video that went viral on social media, a doctor can be seen removing the fish from the man’s oesophagus. He was kept in the hospital for observation for more than 2 days. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any serious injury.


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