Saturday, May 21, 2022

Living legend ‘Bano Qudsia’ turned 85


The 84th birthday of Bano Qudsia, a prominent icon of Urdu literature was celebrated today. She who was born on November 28, 1928 in Ferozpur, Punjab, British India and graduated from Kinnaird College in Lahore. Later attained M.A. degree in Urdu from Government College Lahore in 1951.

Bano Qudsia is a writer, playwright and spiritualist, there is no such assort in Urdu literature which remained out of his intellectual skills.

She married novelist Ashfaq Ahmed, who provided her great support in achieving a status in the field of Urdu literature.

First novel of Bano was published in a magazine named ‘Adab Latif’. Her written novels, stories, and dramas were compiled in more than 27 books.

Among her novels Raja Gidh is the most prominent one and has written for television and stage in both the Urdu and Punjabi languages.

Aadhi Baat, Amr Bail, Assey Passey, Bazgasht, Chahar Chama, Dast Basta, Dosra Darwaza, Dusra Qadam and Foot Path Ki Ghaas are some of the masterpieces of Bano Qudsia.


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