Friday, September 30, 2022

Lord Nazeer suggests PM Nawaz to step down


Talking to anchorperson Mubashir Lucman at the stage of today’s PTI rally, Lord Nazeer Ahmed said that there is a sea of masses in front of him and it seems that the people of Pakistan are desperate for a ‘change’ in the country.

Condemning the closure of ARY News, he said that ARY News is not just the most popular news channel in the country, but it is also famous with the overseas Pakistanis and closing down its transmissions is an illegal act by the government.

He suggested PM Nawaz Sharif not to take those into account who are telling him that there are only a few thousand people at the rally.

Nazeer said that even the waiters of the hotel he is staying in participate in the PTI sit-in after their duty hours.

Moreover, he said that corruption and bad governance have reached their limit and today the entire Pakistani nation is protesting against it.


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