Monday, August 15, 2022

Machh massacre: Hazara mourners refuse to budge on PM visit demand


QUETTA: The mourners of the Hazara community have refused to bury the victims of Machh massacre until Prime Minister Imran Khan visits Quetta to meet with them.

The families of the slain coal miners and the dharna committee said they won’t budge on their demand for the prime minister’s visit to Quetta and reiterated that they will not bury the deceased until he comes to Quetta.

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They appealed to the prime minister to emphasise with their pain and visit the mourners as soon as possible.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to visit the families of the slain coal miners once they bury their loved ones.

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“If the bereaved families bury them today, I will go to Quetta today to meet the families of the deceased” the prime minister pledged while speaking at an event in Islamabad.

He said all of their demands had been met as of Thursday but the Hazara mourners were insisting on his visit to Quetta as a condition for burial of the victims, which, he said, is uncalled for.


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