Sunday, June 26, 2022

Case filed against policemen accused of killing ‘push-cart vendor’ in Karachi




KARACHI: Police filed a case against Madagar 15 officials over accusation of killing a ‘push-cart vendor’ and injuring another man with him near Techno City Mall in Karachi earlier in day, ARY News reported on Friday.

The police department said that the Madadgar 15 officials have committed a serious mistake by assuming the citizens as robbers when they were talking loudly.

The police department told media that the fire was opened by two officials, Sarfraz and Imran, out of three in the police party. The service period of one accused police official is more than 20 years, seven years of second policeman while the third official joined the force four year ago.

The Methadar police station filed the case number 287 against the policemen, including muder section and others.

It emerged that the deceased man was belonging to Azad Jammu Kashmir’s Muzaffarabad and used to sell goods on push-cart in Soldier Bazaar.

As per details, the victims were friends who were meeting along road side, when the police party of Meethadar mistakenly opened fire over them by assuming them as dacoits. The victims were traveling on a bike when the police party asked them to stop.

The police said the men were robbers, however, eyewitnesses claimed otherwise. The police party after shifting the injured to the hospital, fled away.

Later, one injured identified as Aslam scummed to his bullet injuries and  another identified as Waqar is under treatment.


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