Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Madonna’s Palestine peace photo receives angry comments from Gaza supporters


The photo, termed ‘outrageous’ by some web users shows Madonna standing between two topless male dancers bearing the Jewish Star of David and the Muslim star and crescent – in a call for peace over the ongoing Gaza conflict.

The photo was uploaded on the 55-year-old singer’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, with the caption: ‘No Separation! We all bleed the same color!. Hash Tags were ‘#ceasefire’, ‘#peaceinthemiddleeast’ ,‘#livingforlove.’

However, a bitter debate flared up between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian web users.

Some angry protestors commented ‘Terrorist Israel’ while another commented that ‘Hitler should have killed them (Jews) all.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

On Facebook, the image garnered around over 3,800 comments.

“You know what madona F**k you and F**k Israel and F**k all the peole who stand with Israel,” [sic] another wrote.


It must be noted that over the last three weeks, Israel has massacred more than a thousand Palestinians, wounded over 6,200, struck hospitals, shelled schools, hit U.N. shelters, cut electricity, and bombed media vehicles.


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