Saturday, August 13, 2022

Audiences’ worst fears come true for Maira Khan in ‘Cheekh’


So it finally happened in ‘Cheekh’!

Audience who were worried about Maira Khan’s character Shehwar in the play after she told her infertile husband that she is pregnant, finally had their worst fears come true.

Her husband Yawar Taseer (played by Aijaz Aslam) instantly divorced her despite getting exposed for deceiving her for years.

Shehwar, who was already going through a lot of hardships due to Yawar’s patronising attitude and patriarchal mindset, had learnt in the play’s episode 15 that Yawar not only kept her in dark about his infertility problem but had deceived her by claiming that it is her who is infertile.

So in Episode 17, instead of asking Yawar, why he kept her in dark, she just announced pregnancy.


Maira Khan’s character breaks ‘good news’ to husband, but is it really good?

In the latest episode, viewers are shown that Yawar goes to his doctor (who prepared fake reports that Shehwar is infertile) and goes through the test again, only to be told that his condition hasn’t changed.

He heads straight to home and asks Maira as to whose baby she is carrying, she insists that it is his baby but gets slapped instead.

She runs out of the room and aks Haya (her sister-in-law played by Azekha Daniel) to protect her from her brother.

Mad at her, Yawar keeps asking her whose baby she is carrying, so Shehwar finally asks as to why it can’t be his child?.

Yawar announces that he can’t become a father leaving everyone in shock except his stone-hearted brother Wajih.

But Yawar, being Yawar, doesn’t even show an iota of remorse and instead divorces Shehwar.


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