Thursday, September 29, 2022

Malik Riaz calls in at ARY's morning show; pledges donation for deaf girl


One and a half year old Fatima was a normal, healthy toddler who spent her days crawling and playing like others her age do. Yet until a few months ago, she had stopped responding to noises and her parents were convinced the girl had gone deaf. After appealing to Sanam Baloch to aid them in averting this misfortune, the parents showed up at the Morning Show on ARY yesterday. Using ARY’s popular and global platform, the morning show hostess selflessly urged her audience to demonstrate magnanimity through donations to get Fatima cured. The target sum was 17 lac rupees and after collecting the lofty sum, it would have been used to provide treatment to Fatima at Agha Khan Hospital.

Malik Riaz willing to pay Fatimah’s medical… by arynews

Returning from a commercial break, Sanam Baloch announced the ecstatic news that Bahria Town founder and business magnate Malik Riaz had promised to donate the remaining amount which would be left after the audience had chipped in. The news uplifted everyone’s moods in the room and the parents were visibly thankful of Mr.Riaz for being mindful of the common man’s pain yet again.

Fatima’s parents were destitute people who could barely make ends meet, as her father was an ordinary tailor. He confessed in a dismal tone that he did not have the financial means to provide his daughter with the required treatment at a respectable hospital. Fatima’s mother had also made a heart rendering appeal for help and cited that it was her sole wish that her cured daughter would call her ‘Maa’ one day.

Save the child for sake of Humanity by arynews

Malik Riaz has always been on the forefront as far as helping the poor is concerned. The business tycoon has amassed an impressive sum through his successful real estate business ventures. Yet, Mr.Riaz has never shied away from providing relief in monetary form to those who have dire need of it. The business tycoon cum philanthropist had earlier in 2010, in an interview with CNN promised a staggering sum of $2bn in support of Pakistani flood victims. Malik Riaz has also been actively participating in building the world’s third largest mosque in Karachi. The sanctified place of worship would house an impressive 800,000 devout worshippers. Just a couple of months ago, when tragedy struck the Army Public School in Peshawar, when militants stormed the APS and took out schoolchildren and female teachers by opening indiscriminate firing, Malik Riaz again rose to the situation.

Pakistan is proud of Malik Riaz and the selfless amount of money he has donated for his countrymen in times of need. We wish him continued success and fortune in his business endeavours whilst hoping and praying that he keeps on coming to the aid of millions who encounter misfortune. All the best for Fatima and we hope she regains the sense of hearing again!


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