Sunday, September 25, 2022

‘We saw NICs before killing people’: Target killer’s confessions shock Karachi police


KARACHI: A gangster on Tuesday confessed to killing dozens of people on the basis of their ethnicity in Karachi’s Lyari area, ARY News reported.

Police’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) arrested Najeeb alias Bao, a Lyari gangster,  from Pak Colony in a targeted operation conducted on a tip-off.

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SSP SIU Tariq Dhareju said the arrested suspect was originally a member of Jasim Golden Group that was working in connivance with Lyari Gangwar ringleader Uzair Baloch.

“We would abduct Urdu speaking people after seeing their National Identity Cards,” Najeeb confessed in a statement with the police.

He said the abductees were first taken to Aman Committee’s office then to Uzair Baloch and then he and his aides used to torture them before taking their lives.

The suspect said most of the abductees were killed before one Ustad Taju at Aman Committee office.

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Najib also confessed abducting five people from a bus in Mauripur and killing them before dumping their bodies in Lyari River.



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