Friday, August 19, 2022

Youngster dies while playing with snake as friends capture episode on camera  


Playing with a snake is dangerous but a youngster thought otherwise and suffered from the worst ‎consequences after the reptile bit him when he wrapped it around the neck, resulting in his immediate death. ‎

The incident occurred in Maharashtra’s Thane district in India where 28-year old Mohammad ‎Shaikh died after being bitten by a snake while he was playing with it by wrapping the reptile ‎around his neck. ‎

While all of this was happening Mohammad’s friends recorded his act on their mobile phones, but ‎did not stop him, and posted the clip on social media.‎

Later, the youngster complained of uneasiness and was rushed to a civic hospital where doctors ‎declared him brought dead.

The Mumbra police registered a case of accidental death and sent the body for postmortem to a ‎government hospital in Thane, the official said.

Snakebite incidents have occurred previously and had resulted in the death of people, however, experts have shared some useful guides that could lead to saving the life of the victim.

In a similar case, a nine-year-old girl survived a bite from Tiger snake, one of the most venomous snakes globally, after learning what to do from the show of wildlife expert Russell Coight.

The incident occurred in Australia’s Geelong area, when the nine-year-old girl, Grace Tenuta was bitten by a one-and-a-half metre tiger snake as she was looking for lizards.

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She started panicking as soon as the snake leaped up and bit her on the foot, however soon she remembered some wise words from her TV idol – Russell Coight.

“I knew I had to remain calm, immobilize the limb and call Triple Zero – all from Russell Coight,” she said.


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