Sunday, August 14, 2022

Man disguises himself as woman to escape prison


A bizarre incident in Paraguay saw a criminal escape from prison after disguising himself as a woman.

A foreign news agency reported inmate César Ortiz, leader of a crime gang, walked out of Tacumbú National Penitentiary without raising suspicions.

The report stated that it all started when César Ortiz had a conjugal visit with a woman. He went inside the room with her and came out wearing a wig along with artificial eyelashes, lipstick, fingernails and women’s clothing.

He used the disguise to avoid checking by the prison authorities. He walked out of the correctional facility by simply walking out the main door.

The inmate has been given the title of “Cordito Lindo” or “Cute fatty” following his actions.

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However, his freedom was short-lived as the man was arrested after a couple of hours. He was transferred to another penitentiary for security reasons.

He was sentenced to three years nine months and twenty days for aggravated assault and robbery. His will probably increase because of his actions.

Meanwhile, the security officers on duty at the main gate of Tacumbú National Penitentiary at the time of the arrest have already been suspended.


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