Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Man finds out woman living in his cupboard for days


One of the most disturbing things in life would be to find out that a stranger has been living in your house for days.

Joe Cummings of New York had such an experience back in 2009. He had even shared a video, taken with his home security camera, to prove his claims.

Cummings had set up a home camera system after noticing that some items had gone missing from his house. When he checked the footage after a few days, he was taken aback.

Cummings found a woman had been secretly living in his cupboard, stealing his food and urinating in the kitchen sink.

The shocking video shows the woman getting atop a high table and removing a stool from under it. She then carefully steps onto the stool before stepping onto the floor.

A few seconds later, the video shows the woman grabbing some drinks and snacks from the fridge.

Later, she opens the cupboard and then goes on to watch the television for a while. She then opens the fridge again for some more food. But this time, she hides fearing the owner has returned.

According to reports, Cummings reported the incident to the police after watching the video and the woman was arrested. It was said at the time the woman had been living in the house for two weeks.

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