Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Man fined over rooster’s early-morning crowing


An Italian court slapped Rs33,042 fine on an elderly man because his rooster kept waking up the neighbours at crack of the dawn.

According to the details, neighbours of Angelo Boletti, 83, lodged a complaint with the police citing that his bird’s early morning crowing disturbed their sleep. His neighbours complained that the rooster crowed at 4:30 am daily.

Acting on the complaint, a police officer was dispatched outside the home of Boletti in Castiraga Vidardo, a town in Lombardy to prove the truth of the neighbours’ complaint. The bird crowed at 4:30 am as per routine.

After finding him guilty of violating rules which stipulate that pets must be kept at a minimum distance of 10 metres from neighbouring homes, the court fined him Rs33,042.

Talking to a journalist, Boletti said, “I am speechless. What need was there?” He said that the bird had been living in his garden for the last 10 years. Boletti maintained that he gave the bird to his friend after the neighbours complained about the bird’s crowing.

He said that his friend recently returned the rooster to him as he was on holidays for 20 days. Boletti said that he will appeal against the fine.


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