Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Man flies out the windshield of car he crashed, did not wear seat-belt


A horrific accident occurred when a man crashed his vehicle into a highway barrier wall and came flying out of the broken windshield as his car gets demolished, ARY News reported.

Alan Mauricio Huerta Cortés' wrecked Mazda landed sideways in one of the two highway lanes

The incident that took place in Mexico shows the driver being ejected with the impact of the crash, ejecting him out of the driving seat.

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The accident occurred Sunday afternoon in Naucalpan, a city northwest of Mexico City, when Alan Mauricio Huerta Cortés, 25, lost control of his Mazda and collided against the concrete divider.

A surveillance camera captured the harrowing moment the car hit the side of the wall and then took off in the air as Huerta Cortés simultaneously flew out of the vehicle.

Paramedic stabilizes Alan Mauricio Huerta Cortés' neck moments after he was ejected from his car after crashing into a highway wall in Naucalpan, a city northwest of Mexico City. He was under observation in the intensive care unit before he was declared dead

Huerta Cortés’ vehicle did not collide with other cars on the highway.

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In the video, Huerta Cortés’ body is lying and is narrowly run over by at least two cars while his mangled vehicle rests in the middle of the highway.

The badly hurt Cortes succumbed to his injuries, dying at a local hospital hours later.


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