Monday, January 30, 2023

Man forced to buy his first Powerball ticket wins $150,000


A man from Virginia state of the United States won $150,000 in a lottery from a Powerball ticket that his friend urged him to buy.

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Danny Johnson, who hails from Hampton city in Virginia state, recalled that he used to tell his friends that he was pessimistic about playing lottery games as he found it to be money and time-wasting.

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Danny Johnson added that his friend kept advising him to purchase the Powerball ticket when the prize reached historic levels. He tried his luck and bought the lottery ticket from the website.

“I looked at the winning numbers and said, ‘Hey I’ve got a few of those,'” Johnson recalled. “I didn’t know how much I’d won because I never play.”

He earned $50,000 prize after four numbers in the Powerball ticket matched. It increased to $150,000 thanks to the Power Play option.


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