Sunday, December 5, 2021

Man found alive in morgue dies during treatment


An Indian man who was found alive after seven hours in the mortuary freezer has died during treatment at the hospital for four days.

Sreekesh Kumar, met with an accident on November 18 in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad district and was rushed to a district medical facility, where he was pronounced dead, and his body was moved to the mortuary for autopsy.

The next morning, the relatives of Sreekesh notices that he is alive when the police arrived to file ‘panchnama’, a document signed by family members after identifying the body and agreeing to an autopsy.

Seeing, Sreekesh swinging to life, the family members immediately informed the doctors and Kumar underwent treatment, but he succumbed to his wounds after four days of treatment.

Sreekesh Kumar has died and the health department is probing the matter, Dr Shiv Singh, CMS, Moradabad District Hospital, said.

Earlier, the family members of Sreekesh had accused the doctor on the duty of carelessness and negligence.

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