Monday, October 3, 2022

Man grows 20-foot sunflower to fulfill son’s wish


In order to make his son’s dream of having a sunflower ‘as big as the house’ come true, a man grew a 20-foot tall plant outside his house in England.

According to the details, four-year-old Stellan Smith asked his father Douglas that he wanted to have a sunflower “as tall as the house.”

In an effort to fulfill his son’s wish, Douglas had purchased seed from a man named John Butler who grew North America’s tallest sunflower at 26-feet and eight inches and planted it outside his house located in Stanstead Abbotts in March when the COVID-19 lockdown began.

Talking to journalists, Douglas, “I am glad that it’s topped out a bit now. I think it’s probably got maybe another inch or two left in it to grow, but it’s pretty much done.”

“A big part of it is to do with the genetics. I’m not sure specifically what variety of sunflower this is, but it’s a bit like a thoroughbred horse – it came from a good start in life,” he added, Times Now News reported.

Douglas said “I go out to feed and water it a couple of times a day. I’m up the ladder at 7.30 am most mornings – which certainly wakes me up.”


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