Monday, June 27, 2022

Man who hung off Trump Tower for 13 hours ‘found’ 


CHICAGO: A man who hung off Trump Tower for more than 13 hours then jumped out of a private ambulance while being shifted to another hospital has been found after a missing person’s report was made.

According to Chicago Police, the man, 31, was being taken from Northwestern Memorial Hospital just west of State Street on Washington Street in the Loop when he escaped after jumping out of the ambulance.

A missing person’s alert for the man was sent out at about 10 p.m while the Chicago police found him by 1:00 am on Wednesday.

Earlier, the man was taken into custody Monday morning after hanging off the side of Trump Tower for more than 13 hours. Chicago police said the situation was resolved peacefully by negotiators and no one was injured.

The man was hanging from the building with the harness, he threatened to use the knife to cut the rope if the police tried pulling him up. Eventually, he surrendered the knife and was pulled to safety.

The man was taken to a hospital for mental health evaluation after he was pulled off the building, police said.

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He later escaped from the ambulance transporting him to a hospital but was later found by the Chicago police after a missing person’s report was launched. The police, however, did not reveal the location or circumstances he was found in by the cops.

He did not immediately face any charges related to the Trump Tower incident.


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