Monday, June 27, 2022

Man carried knife inside body year after being stabbed


In a shocking revelation, a man found more than a year after being stabbed that he carried a knife in his chest.  

The incident occurred in the Kidapawan City of Philippines, where Kent Ryan Tomao, was targeted while on his way back from work in January last year.

It emerged that the medics, while treating him, allegedly only sewed the wound and gave him painkillers, without removing the four-inch blade lodged next in his chest.

Things went on in a routine manner unless he went for a health checkup for his new job on March 23. The X-ray showed the knife was still lodged in his body next to his rib cage, inches away from piercing his lungs.

But now, he has been left furious and is demanding the doctors who missed the four-inch-long blade remove it. With the knife still inside him, he has been unable to start work as a miner, as his new employers think it would be unsafe for him to work with the knife still in him.

“The doctors did not check my wounds properly last year so I believe they are partly at fault about what happened. They should fix this,” Kent was quoted as saying by the local media.

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He claimed his wounds were stitched up to stop him bleeding at the hospital, and he was then given painkillers and told to go home.

Kent has no plans to take any action against the hospital that treated him,  however, he wants the doctors to bear the expense for another operation owing to his financial situation.


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