Saturday, July 2, 2022

Man pays millions after son breaks gold Teletubby


A Hong Kong man had to pay Rs 861,787 after his son broke a life-size gold Teletubby statue, according to a foreign news agency. 

The video made rounds on the social media platform Facebook. It see him trying to lean on the Laa-Laa, which made it fall. 

The pictures see the family, a father along with his wife and two sons, standing around the shattered pieces of the gold Teletubby.

The father named Cheng, speaking with the foreign news agency, said he went outside the shop to make a phone call after which he heard a loud noise. 

He added he turned around to see his son standing over the Teletubby’s broken pieces. 

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Cheng claimed that his son was motionless. 

“My son was motionless,” he said as quoted in the report. “He was staring down, looking at the toy.”

The store, holding the boy responsible, said the child was kicking the statue.

He agreed to pay the golden Teletubby, which had a retail value of Rs 1,354,196 but was charged at its cost price of 861,787.


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