Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Man plans own killing for insurance money


A man who had fallen on hard times and was living on bare minimum of finances cooked up a unique recipe to acquire money from his insurance company.

The man, hailing from the Indian Capital, New Delhi decided to end his life and hired people with criminal pasts to carry out the deed so that his family may get his life insurance money.

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The police unearthed the plot five days after the dead body was found.

Police officials said that the exact amount of the deceased, Gaurav Bansal’s insurance was not immediately clear but it could be over Rs 10 lakh.

Bansal is survived by his wife and children, he ran a ration shop and was under acute financial stress due to the ongoing coronavirus situation in the country.

Bansal had paid his hit-men around Rs 60,000 to execute his killing, which the four accused shared among themselves.

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His body was found hanging from a tree with his hands tied on June 10.

Police said they arrested a suspect, Suraj (18), who admitted to have committed the crime with two accomplices – Manoj Kumar Yadav (21) and Sumit (26) who have also been caught.


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