Saturday, September 25, 2021

Man rides a horse to office on last day of work


BENGALURU: Ever thought about what would you do on your last day at work? Most of us would want to make it memorable. Well, this techie just made his last working day in his office way too memorable to him and everyone.

The dramatic entrance to his office on his last day at work rather his exit has gone viral on social media now.

Frustration level reached so high for this techie in Bengaluru due to high traffic in the city that he decided to ride a horse to his office. Dressed in formals and carrying a laptop bag, the techie sat on a white horse with a placard that read in full capital letters.


Roopesh Kumar Verma, a software engineer, was ‘frustrated’ due to the heavy traffic issue in Bengaluru and he rode the horse as a protest.

“I have been staying in Bengaluru for the past eight years and I am fed up of the bottlenecks and air pollution. Bengaluru is overcrowded and too many vehicles on the road lead to traffic jams every day,” Roopesh said.

“I am an animal lover and wanted to promote the idea of veganism,” Roopesh was also quoted saying.


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