Monday, August 8, 2022

Man deprived of Rs2 mn after sharing bank account details


KARACHI: A man had reportedly been deprived of over two million rupees after he inadvertently shared personal information through a mobile phone scam, ARY News reported.

The victim has filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said that he received a phone call demanding his bank account information.

He claimed to have received an anonymous phone call on September 29 from a person who introduced himself as a senior government official, and told him that his house in South Waziristan will be demolished if he doesn’t provide his personal bank account details.

This compelled him to unwittingly provide him the personal information but consequently, the next day around two million rupees were deducted from his bank account through a money transfer company.

The FIA has filed a case and has started further investigations, and has also submitted the First Information Report (FIR) in the banking court.

Initial investigations revealed that three individuals Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Aslam and Rehman are allegedly involved in the mobile phone scam which is spread in Karachi and across various cities of Punjab as well.

The suspects had withdrawn the amount through different branches of the money transfer company. The FIA is making efforts to arrest the suspects after which a progress report will be filled in the court.


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