Monday, January 30, 2023

Man slips into coma, undergoes 30 surgeries after mosquito bite


In a rare incident, a German man slipped into a coma and underwent 30 surgeries after a mosquito bite.

Mosquito bites can be irritating and may sometime cause serious infections but Sebastian Rotschke, 27, a resident of Roedermark, Germany had a rare and life-threatening experience.

Initially, he suffered from flu and mild fever when he was bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito in 2021 but after some time the infection got worst.

Rotschke went through 30 surgeries, his two toes removed partially and was in a coma for four weeks.

He said that his doctors quickly found out that the Asian tiger mosquito bite was the cause of all that he suffered from.

After going through this life-threatening infection Rotschke said that even a small sting can become fatal so go to the doctor before things go out of your hands.


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