Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WATCH: Indian man’s attempt to stop bull fighting ends up shockingly


An Indian man, reportedly in an inebriated state, tempted his fate when he tried to stop bull fighting on a busy street. But his effort ended up in a shocking consequence.

A video of a bizarre incident is going rounds on the internet and it was what shot just a few months back in Korba, Chhattisgarh. The clip shows that the man tried to settle a tussle between two bulls recklessly fighting on the street with onlookers crowding to see the strange sight.

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When the man saw two bulls locking horns in a busy street, he decided to become a referee in the bout. And it goes without saying the ending was not as he would have liked.

The man tried to get in between the angry bovine and even before he knows it, one tosses him up in the air. Luckily he falls on the ground but seems to be visibly fine. He then sits in the corner and never makes a second attempt to teach bull some discipline.


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