Monday, December 5, 2022

Man swims away into sea to avoid arrest for stealing wallet


US police have arrested a thief after he stole a woman’s purse and swam 200 feet away to escape arrest.

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A foreign news agency reported that 32-year-old Dewayne Dean allegedly stole a woman’s purse in Tampa Bay and swam around 200 feet offshore to avoid arrest.

“Around 8 am Saturday, October 1, a woman was robbed in the parking lot of a hotel on North Westshore Boulevard when a suspect snatched her wallet and ran,” Tampa Bay police stated in a Facebook post, “Witnesses saw him flee to Cypress Pointe Beach, which is where officers located him.”

He thought he could escape by swimming. But his luck eventually ran out.

A cop took a picture which showed his hands in the air to surrender as a helicopter hovered over it. The social media post read, “You can’t run from the chopper!”

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The Hillsborough County jail records state that he was charged with robbery by sudden snatching and resisting arrest.

Moreover, he was arrested for battery, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and three other violations i.e. grant theft, possession of cocaine and fleeing to escape from police at high speed.


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