Saturday, March 25, 2023

WATCH: Man miraculously survives tiger attack after falling into zoo pit


In what appeared to be a miracle, a man survived after a tiger pounced on him in a zoo in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

He fell into the animal’s enclosure and a video showed him on his back as the Bengali tigress mauls at his upper body.


The man has been identified by local media reports as Mohammed Abdul Mohsen, a 24-year-old Sudanese expat and was saved after a security guard fired tranquiliser shots at the predator.

According to reports, the man fell into the animal pit and was attacked by a tigress. Zoo workers were alerted to the scene to find the tiger attacking the man.

They proceeded to fire sedative shots at the animal. Officials in Riyadh said that zoo keepers were then able to rescue Mohson from the pit.

The victim sustained injuries to his neck and feet and was rushed to hospital where he is in a stable condition and recovering from his injuries.

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Conflicting reports have emerged of how the young man fell into the animal’s enclosure with some suggesting that he might have entered it intentionally using a rope to show off his animal training skills.

However, the man denied it and said that he accidentally fell into it. An investigation has been launched into the incident.


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