Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: clueless man trying to clear snow off roof hit by mini avalanche


A Japanese man shovelling snow off his roof may have got more than he bargained for when his efforts triggered something resembling a mini-avalanche.

Dramatic footage shows the worker in Akita, Japan, trying to nudge a massive pile of snow on a building’s roof with an extended pole.

After a few moments, a huge shelf of snow comes tumbling off the roof – creating a pile that is almost as tall as the building itself.

The one-minute clip began with a group of men standing outside the warehouse building as one of them attempted to clean the snow off the roof by nudging it off with a long pole.

After the man attempted to break down the pile of snow several times, it seemed as if the snow was not going to budge.

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But patience pays off around the end of the clip when the snow decided it’s had enough.

The clip has amassed nearly 110,000 views on YouTube as amused users sympathise with the man.

One of them wrote: ‘Men all around the world are watching this and thinking, “Wow, that was a bad idea. Yes, I would have done it too”.’

Another one replied: ‘Pray the insurance company never sees that.’


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