Wednesday, August 10, 2022

VIDEO: Man tries to lift heavy weight in hilarious gym fail


A video of a man was going viral of late, showing him attempting squats at a gym with heavy weight…but it ended up hilariously.

Hilarious footage shows the man, who is wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a white tank top, loading up a bar with at least eight weights on each end.

gym fail

He tried to squat 855 pounds of plates that were perilously clinging to the bar unsecured, and his slight adjustment sent them plummeting to the floor.

He places it on his shoulders and can be seen trying to steady himself before beginning his reps.


But he doesn’t have a chance to lift the bar before weights start to topple off the left hand side.

He can be seen pulling faces in the mirror as he desperately struggles with the heavy bar.

Moments later weights begin dropping off both ends and the bar is flung from his shoulders.

The man staggers to the side but does not appear to lose his footing. A female gym-goer can be seen looking on despite the near catastrophe.




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