Monday, June 27, 2022

Unable to afford face mask, man walks into office wearing bird’s nest


TELANGANA: In a bid to escape fine, a poverty-stricken man wore the nest of a weaverbird as a face mask and walked into the government office to collect his pension payment in India’s Telangana state.   

According to the details, Mekala Kurmayya, a resident of Chinnamunugal Chad in Telangana, had to visit the government office in order to collect his pension but he could not afford a face mask.

Knowing he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the government office without a face mask, the Telangana shepherd came up with an innovative alternative to a face mask- a bird’s nest. He wore the bird’s nest on his face and stepped in the office.

It is pertinent to mention here that the state government earlier this month had issued an order making the use of face masks in public mandatory. The order stated that a Rs 1,000 fine will be imposed on the violators.


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