Saturday, August 20, 2022

Marsoon Marsoon Karachi na Desoon: Bilawal announces


In a public speech after celebrating Diwali festival with Hindus, PPP chairman vowed not to give up the fight on Karachi, Sindh and Pakistan, in his typical Hoshu Sheedi Style ‘Marsoon Marsoon Karachi Na Desoon’, ‘Marsoon Marsoon Sindh Na Desoon’, ‘Marsoon Marsoon Jinnah ka Pakistan Na Desoon’ adding that liberal fascists are using Zia era laws against Sindhis.

Bilawal maintained that religious extremists are using educated youth to achieve their ends as in the case in Pakistan, Palestine and other countries but status-quo politicians remain silent over the issue. He added that whenever incidents like Joseph Colony attack or Church bomb blast takes place, PPP stands up for the victims and voice their opinion.

In the end, PPP’s firebrand young leader chanted slogans of Jeay Bhutto (Long Live Bhutto), Ab Raaj Karegi Benazir (Now Benazir Bhutto will rule) along with the public.


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