Friday, May 27, 2022

Martin Luther King Junior Peace Award entitled to Salman Taseer (Late)


Former Governor of Punjab (Late) Salman Taseer has been honored with the Martin Luther King Junior Peace Award for his efforts in promoting human rights, peace and humanity.

After receiving the award Salmaan Taseer has become the first non-American to own the Martin Luther King Junior Award. Since 1979, the annual award honors those who make a significant contribution to the furtherance of Martin Luther King’s non-violent approach to transforming racial, economic and social injustice.

The family of (Late) Salman Taseer received the peace award in a ceremony held on Friday. Muslim-Christian Fellowship International Chairman Dr Zia Mahmood and Anwarullah Khan handed over the award to his family members.

Taseer was assassinated in January 2011 for supporting a Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, who was charged in a blasphemy case, for which the court had awarded her death. Salmaan Taseer, who was the Governor of Punjab at that time, raised her issue with the President of Pakistan for relaxation in her punishment.

Dr. Zia Mahmood, while addressing at the award ceremony said that, “Salman was a man of courage who had always helped the depressed and the poor. The sacrifices rendered by the late Governor for the sake of peace, tolerance, social justice and human rights could not be forgotten. Salmaan Taseer’s mission and legacy would remain alive because of his sacrifice. It was a matter of honour for him to present the award to the family of Salmaan, who had devoted his life to the people.”

Anwarullah Khan added,” God had provided him a chance to do something for those who had sacrificed their lives for others, and the award was just a way to honor them. We are here to pay tribute to Salmaan Taseer through this award, for he has [through sacrificing his life] kept alive love, peace, justice and humanity.”

Salman Taseer, throughout his life, had been supporting minorities and struggling for human rights and humanity in Pakistan.


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