Monday, March 20, 2023

Marvel stars send love to young fan recovering from heart surgery


Marvel stars Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, and Mark Ruffalo among others sent love and prayers to young MCU fan Seb, who underwent open-heart surgery.

The mighty superheroes of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe have come together for a very special cause after Twitter user Ivan Hollingsworth made a request on the micro-blogging site. Hollingsworth asked the ‘Twitter-Sphere’ to help him get the Marvel stars to send a message to his ailing son Seb, who is recovering from open-heart surgery.

After being tagged by several users of the social platform, the message caught the attention of Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner, who not only extended his prayers to the ailing Marvel fan but also bring to the notice of his co-star Chris Hemsworth, the Thor.

As it turns out, Hemsworth agrees with the title ‘Strongest Avenger’ for Seb by Ruffalo. He wrote, “You are my heart hero, Seb.”

In addition to official Marvel heroes, ‘Deadpool’ actor Ryan Reynolds dropped a comment on the social site and asked the OP, “Can you open your DM’s?”

Moreover, actor Brie Larson who will be seen in next year’s ‘The Marvels’ as Captain Marvel took the opportunity to officially welcome Seb to the ‘Avengers’ club. Meanwhile, Samuel Jackson wished the fan a speedy recovery.

In response to Hemsworth’s message, Seb’s dad Hollingsworth wrote, “Now I’m not sure who will be more excited, Seb or his Mum…we have Thor!”

“This will mean the world to Seb. He’s home now (4 days after heart surgery) and recovering well,” he further updated.


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