Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Watch: Massive cobra discovered in scooter


A video clip has emerged showing a massive cobra hiding in a moped’s engine.

Footage believed to be from some Indian neighbourhood shows the large snake lying curled up inside the front part of the vehicle. A man said to be snake-rescuer can be seen fiddling with the cobra to catch it with a number of people looking on.

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He captures the snake, pulling it out of the scooter. The serpent was then left in a forest.

Earlier, a woman in the United States (US) state of Missouri was forced to pull over her vehicle on a highway after she found a snake inside her vehicle. The incident was narrated by the local police authority that helped the lady driver in removing the serpent from the car.

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The entire episode posted on the Facebook account of Eureka Police department stated that the young lady driver was surprised by a snake working its way through the driver compartment and called hysterically asking for help.

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